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more novels
Brightest Star in the Sky - Marian Keyes
Great light read. Marian never ceases to amaze me. The story was very touching and quite unpredictable at times (booyah!). Her stories usually contain a large cast of characters and she always wove them together nicely. Definitely recommended if you want a light novel!

The Heart Specialist - Claire Holden Rothman
An amazing find - I read this during my trip to CUBA (will be posted separately later when I have time) and enjoyed it all the way through. It's about a girl, Agnes White, in the early 1900s who struggles against prejudice (females attending med school). She was also so absorbed in chasing after a shadow that she neglected what was in front of her. Highly highly recommended. Such a beautiful story - Very nicely written and smooth transitions =D

The House at Riverton - Kate Morton
A page turner; this story flips the present and past back and forth. The story is told by Grace Bradley, a servant for the Hartford at Riverton House. It keeps its suspense up until the very end. In some ways, Grace is similar to Agnes White; both independent and determined to do their best in their career. However, both lacked the department in romance until much later in life.

Now onto the next novel!


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