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winter readings.
I didn't finish Dreaming in Hindi [by Katherine Russell Rich] for the book club. One, I couldn't make it to the book club; second, the book is highly unattractive. It serves as a memoir of immersing yourself in a new language: for the author, it's Hindi. In some ways, I could relate to her experience in learning a new language (me & Japanese)... but really, to write a book about it and in such an un-fascinating way... *ZZzzzZZzzzzzzZ*

The Time Traveler's Wife [by Audrey Niffenegger]. Interesting. I didn't engross myself in this novel until past the mid-way point. I have to say that I was very touched upon reading the ending. The buildup of their relationship was slow but it added to the "awwwwww" effect. I never understood time travelling well; in fact, it's so impossible that it never makes sense. Nonetheless, this time travelling story is more enjoyable than most. It's always hard for me to wrap my head around "time travelling". References:  Hermione in Harry Potter, The Time Machine, Boku no Kanojo wa Cyborg, etc.

Twenties Girl [by Sophie Kinsella]. The typical Sophie Kinsella Click-lit novel. A painting can definitely relay many messages, expressing more than 1000 words. The name of painting in the novel (Girl with a neckless) reminds me of Girl with a Pearl Earring. Lara Lington uncovers the truth behind her great-aunt Sadie Lancaster's life... ummm.. yeah... and along the way she gets a man and career! Like I said, typical, happy endings.


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